Artist Profile


Gilded Memories of Childhood 2015

Deirdre Bennett is a practicing interdisciplinary artist and a lecturer of contemporary art practice for Perth College UHI, Scotland. She has a Master Degree in Fine Art and a BA (Hons) Fine Art (1st Class) from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Born outside a rural town in Southern Ireland, she grew up with nature as a companion, an escape from a house full to bursting with brothers. She spent many summers swimming in the lakes and all seasons walking by the canals and waterways, exploring woods, climbing trees and skipping through farmers fields (Sometimes procuring a veg or two to take home for dinner).  She has always loved having the natural world around her, in many ways it fuels her creative spirit, makes her feel at peace. However, she is also avidly interested in new technologies and increasingly finds herself frustrated by her love of tech and the damage it causes to the planet; the affects it seems to have on social behaviour; and the how it seems to drive a wedge between people instead of giving the more time to explore humanity, creativity and bringing people closer together.

“The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening.”

George Orwell, 1984

Artist Statement

In a world that is increasingly distracted by trending technologies, I am hoping to create interstices that address and initiate dialogue about our tenuous but vital relationship to the natural world. I do this though personal projects and socially engaged art events/workshops that involve play, exploration and creativity. In parallel I want to explore my own relationship with the natural world whilst also examining my relationship to some of the trending technologies that our youth now use as their playgrounds and social clubs.

‘The term ‘interstice’ was used by Karl Marx to describe trading communities that escaped the framework of the capitalist economy: barter, selling at a loss, autarkic forms of production, and so on. An interstice is a space in social relations which, although it fits more or less harmoniously and openly into the overall system, suggests possibilities for exchanges other than those that prevail within the system. Exhibitions of contemporary art occupy precisely the same position within the field of the trade in representations. They create free spaces and periods of time whose rhythms are not the same as those that organize everyday life, and they encourage an inter-human intercourse which is different to the “zones of communication” that are forced upon us.’


Augmented Reality Business Cards

Many of my projects have been focused on using play to initiate dialogue outside of the Gallery. This is why a lot of my business cards are treated with Augmented Reality. If you have a smart phone or tablet and you want to activate your card then follow this link for full instructions: Instructions for Augmentations

To view my BA Blog click Here


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