Talk and Workshop with Poppy Jackson

Workshop and Talk with Artist Poppy Jackson

Painter and Live Performance Artist


Being unfamiliar with performance artist Poppy Jackson I did not know what to expect with this session. I found her talk very interesting, particularly as I was planning to use a performance element in my final project and was feeling quite unsure about being in front of the camera. As a performance artist who exposes her body in often extremely uncomfortable and very public ways, I was completely engaged with her. She spoke of the sense of power she evokes from her performances. In maintaining eye contact with their audience the artist retains control. It was a fascinating and enlightening talk and I came away with more confidence.


Site – Spill Festival Performance – Toynbee Studios, London 2015

The workshop with Poppy was great fun and definitely what the group needed. It would have been very beneficial to have something like this at the start of the MFA as I feel it was a brilliant bonding experience for the group. Better late than never and it was great to get to work with everyone.

“Jackson’s work has the potential to radically alter conservative conceptions of the female body and its purposes.” – Dazed & Confused Magazine



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