– Cathy Treadaway: Making a Difference, Designing for Happiness

2015 October 4th –

I really got so much out of this seminar. I thought what Cathy was doing in her research was a very interesting and very helpful for humanity. It was quite humbling to see technology being used in such a caring way. I also learned a lot about what Alzheimer’s patients and their families have to go through as the disease progresses. This is a disease that terrifies me. The memory blankets and aprons were innovative, beautiful and well conceived. I particularly appreciated the attention that was given to each piece, each one tailored to suit the individual that it was made for. I also appreciated the participatory element of crafting the pieces. Family members, carers and the clients were involved most of the process. These items through their conception, creation and final use met the physical and emotional needs of the clients and their families.

I was really interested in the use of electronics in this seminar as I am interested in using this technology within my own work. I have also been working on a project in relation to Alzheimers patients and recording their memories for themselves and their families. This is something I would like to pursue at a later date.