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This page is dedicated to my research, odd comments, things or artists of interest and sometimes whimsical random thoughts.


Augmented Reality Business Cards

Whilst this project has been focused on using play to initiate dialogue that examines modern societies relationship to the natural and technological world I am not rendering one better than the other. This is why all my business cards in this exhibition are treated with Augmented Reality. If you have a smart phone or tablet and you want to activate your card then follow this link for full instructions: Instructions for Augmentations

Artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard

Londonion 2013 – Commissioned by Film & Video Umbrella for MerzBank

Iain and Jane, collective visual artists were asked to create a piece to celebrate the forefather of collage ‘Kurt Schwitters’. They were asked to look at a key text or poem by Schwitters and bring it into the present day – an interpretation that is more contemporary. Iain and Jane picked the piece Londonion (1946) as is a playful and humours poem that draws your attention to the everyday small things. They wanted it more accessible, so rather than just video they made it into an app that can be listened to while you traverse the streets of London.


Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide – 1998 Institute of Contemporary Arts London

For this piece Jane and Iain recreated David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardusts farewell show from 1073. Finding the best Ziggy Stardust wannabe and world class musicians to be ‘The Spiders from Mars’, they didn’t just replay the songs – they actually choreographed the whole performance right down to costumes, body movements, facial expressions – ‘down to minuscule details’. This must have been a monumental task! The show was played in the ICA over 2 nights. It was also streamed online.

“Reflecting the contemporary fixation with virtual and simulated realities, the event was a timely critique of how stardom, authenticity and nostalgia can operate in contemporary culture. Combining an absolute fragility with a magical unpredictability A Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide provided a space and invitation for genuine audience interaction.”

I am interested in this idea of fixation with the virtual and simulated realities especially in relation to modern online platforms – e.g. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram where images are stylised so that they do not resemble the real anymore. The audience integration is an important aspect to this piece as the atmosphere would not be complete without them. Audience interaction is important to my work also. I would have loved to been a part of this one.





The Independent Review

Re-Learning Piece 2008 – MUDAM Luxembourg 

This piece was performed 10 years after the recreation of Ziggy Stardusts Farewell performance.

It is a performance work in which Forsyth & Pollard re-work Vito Acconci’s ‘Learning Piece’ from 1971.

Artist – David Blandy

Artist David Blandy

London born artist David Blandy works “image in the digital world”– he has worked with creating online tutorials, music videos, anime and TV shows.  He is interested in examining the narrative and striving to highlight our relationship with popular culture.

“Investigating what makes us who we are”

One of Blandy’s online tutorials – how to create the universe:

I am particularly interested in how he embeds his videos and online content into his installations as I have. He is also interested in our relationship with technology.

In his piece Hercules, ‘Rough Cut’ 2015 (Commissioned for Bloomberg SPACE)- Blandy embeds his music style video into the installation space. Brandy’s narration in this piece is in a rap style and it is a commentary on the rise and fall of civilisation. He uses archived Bloomberg global financial news footage as his medium.


Child of the Atom 2010 – Seventeen Gallery London 


This is a really interesting piece. There is a story in Blandy’s family that his grandfather was held in a POW camp in Malaya and Taiwan and that he would have been killed if not for the bombing of Hiroshima. Blandy and his daughter live because 110,000 people died. He documented his journey to Hiroshima with his daughter and uses the documentation as part of an anime that is then displayed as part of an exhibition. It is an interesting thought that you only have a legacy because of such a horrific event in time.

The Playground Project

The Playground Project – The Baltic, Newcastle Upon Tynein cooperation with contemporary art exhibition center Kunsthalle in Zürich

This exhibition I visited was a celebration of play and spaces for play. I really wanted to see this show because I am intrigued by the power of play. I regularly try to incorporate some form of play or fun into my work as I believe there is a power in play that draws people together.

– Quote from the exhibition ‘Playbook’:

BALTIC believes play to be important. And we’re not alone. In 1989 The United Nations of officially approved the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; a benchmark against which a nation’s treatment of its children is measured.

Article 31 states that:

“Every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities…and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.”

I believe play is fundamental to human development from a young age and is just as important for adults. It was an interesting walk through a history of playgrounds created by artists, architects and creatives.

Talk and Workshop with Poppy Jackson

Workshop and Talk with Artist Poppy Jackson

Painter and Live Performance Artist


Being unfamiliar with performance artist Poppy Jackson I did not know what to expect with this session. I found her talk very interesting, particularly as I was planning to use a performance element in my final project and was feeling quite unsure about being in front of the camera. As a performance artist who exposes her body in often extremely uncomfortable and very public ways, I was completely engaged with her. She spoke of the sense of power she evokes from her performances. In maintaining eye contact with their audience the artist retains control. It was a fascinating and enlightening talk and I came away with more confidence.


Site – Spill Festival Performance – Toynbee Studios, London 2015

The workshop with Poppy was great fun and definitely what the group needed. It would have been very beneficial to have something like this at the start of the MFA as I feel it was a brilliant bonding experience for the group. Better late than never and it was great to get to work with everyone.

“Jackson’s work has the potential to radically alter conservative conceptions of the female body and its purposes.” – Dazed & Confused Magazine


Open Call to League of Legends ‘Gamers’

Artist Call Out to League of Legends Gamers 2016


I am looking for dedicated ‘League of Legends Gamer’ insights for an art project that I am working on.


Your game character dies in a heroic but gruelling battle, however instead of re-spawning into the safety of his/her game environment they find themselves alone in an alien environment…….the ‘Real World’. This environment has boundaries and rules just like the Game World, only if you die here you die for real.

My quest to you Gamers should you accept it, is this:

First – your character will wake up realising that they have lost all their powers (if any)

  • How would your favourite character react?
  • How would they survive in the real world?
  • Would they be able to abide by real world rules?
  • Consider what these rules might be? (Crime is punishable, need money, food and shelter)

Email me with a possible scenario of how it might all go down. Doesn’t have to be longer than a paragraph. I will pick from all the entries and endeavour to re-enact your characters scenario in the real world. It will be almost like you, as Gamers, will be controlling me as your character in the real world.

(Optional) With the Scenario: I am also interested in using some or your recorded in game play as part of the finished video piece. If you are interested, you can include a link to your YouTube videos with instructions on which segment you would like me to use.

Email me at using the following heading:




Links to YouTube in Game Play:

Video Instructions:

The final piece will be displayed as part of my Master of Fine Art final exhibition this September at Cardiff Metropolitan University (Date TBC). All chosen pieces will be accredited.

Looking forward to gaming with you.



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Juneau Projects – 2001 – Present

Juneau Projects was formed in 2001 by Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler.

A lot of Philip and Ben’s work incorporated participation with others. Similarly to me they are also interested in the rapid growth of technology and its affects on society. Their works incorporate music, installation, sound, sculpture, animation and projection. Their most recent projects have been to create their own musical instruments that look slightly ‘Steam-Punk’ to me. This is probably due to their interest in post apocalyptical scenarios where humanity is reduced to rebuilding society and scavenging and repurposing items in novel ways and that may also have a tradable value.

I AM THE WARRIOR 2014 – Participatory Workshops and Open Exhibition


I really like the participatory element to I AM THE WARRIOR. Philip and Ben say they are interested in what others can bring. How we all have a talent and also how well we can work in collaboration. I feel this comes from their interest in the Post-Apocalyptic scenarios, how when we have nothing left we have to rely on what talents we have.

Happy Redoubt – 2016


Happy Redoubt – the last outpost of a post-apocalyptic world in the wake of a technological meltdown.” 

I love this project! The scene is set – the students and the academics of King’s College London have been involved in a world changing apocalyptical event. There are two camps of survivors who have to learn from each other to survive. They have to create artifacts to trade with the other faction. The projects grows as the participants learn from each other and respond to each other.

Project Saw Waves 2016 – Baltic Wharf, Totnes, Devon

An mp3 track, inspired by the history of the Baltic Wharf area were placed in two areas around Totnes, Devon.The tracks can be listened to and of downloaded from wooden sculptures or “Shrines” as they call them; simply take along your memory stick and download or buy a specially Juneau Projects designed one.

Gleaners of the Infocalypse 2012