Artist – David Blandy

Artist David Blandy

London born artist David Blandy works “image in the digital world”– he has worked with creating online tutorials, music videos, anime and TV shows.  He is interested in examining the narrative and striving to highlight our relationship with popular culture.

“Investigating what makes us who we are”

One of Blandy’s online tutorials – how to create the universe:

I am particularly interested in how he embeds his videos and online content into his installations as I have. He is also interested in our relationship with technology.

In his piece Hercules, ‘Rough Cut’ 2015 (Commissioned for Bloomberg SPACE)- Blandy embeds his music style video into the installation space. Brandy’s narration in this piece is in a rap style and it is a commentary on the rise and fall of civilisation. He uses archived Bloomberg global financial news footage as his medium.


Child of the Atom 2010 – Seventeen Gallery London 


This is a really interesting piece. There is a story in Blandy’s family that his grandfather was held in a POW camp in Malaya and Taiwan and that he would have been killed if not for the bombing of Hiroshima. Blandy and his daughter live because 110,000 people died. He documented his journey to Hiroshima with his daughter and uses the documentation as part of an anime that is then displayed as part of an exhibition. It is an interesting thought that you only have a legacy because of such a horrific event in time.


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