– Culture of Consumerism: Reduce, Reuse, Reculture – WEEE Centre Perth – 2017


Reuse Workshop and Artist Talk

19th May 2017

As a commissioned artist I was invited to design workshops that encouraged attendees to reconsider their relationship to electronics waste. People have a tendency to think that once they bring their waste electronics to recycling centres that it is the end of their responsibility to the planet. Most do not consider what happens next.

WEEE Perth Booklet 

I decided to create workshops that would be relatable to most people and that most people could reproduce at home in their own time.  I designed four workshops that utilised waste electronics.

  • Jewellery Making
  • Mirror Making
  • Clock Making
  • WEEE Centre Perth Mural

I also engaged with some Art NC Students to get them to create a mixed media mural for the WEEE Centre using reclaimed electronic waste. I wanted this mural to represent electronic recycling in Perth City.

After weeks of preparation and sore hands from stripping down old motherboards, keyboards and any old electronic equipment I could lay my hands on. (A lot was donated from the WEEE Centre and friends) My house was a mess but the results were well worth it.

I made some prototypes for the event attendees to help stoke ideas and interest.

There were some amazing functional pieces created. Peoples confidence bloomed as their designs came to fruition.  Importantly the workshops were free flowing with dialogue and ideas around the focus of the day with many stating that they would like to try out some more reusing and repurposing when they got home.

I was also involved with Perth UHI’s Engineering department and their design of the WEEE Green Boxes. These are designed to be locally placed for people to securely donate their unwanted electronics. These electronics such as smart phones, computers, laptops and tablets etc. can then be wiped of all their data and refurbished to be sold on to students or members of the public at a very reasonable cost.

WEE 10

WEEE Centre Perth Mural – ART NC Students 2017

I prepared the board and the electronic components for this piece. The Perth College NC Art students with the aid of their lecturer had free reign to complete the piece using the components, hot glue guns and paint. Unfortunately due to end of year commitments they did not have time to complete the mural and I have been asked to complete it in my free time.  I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Artist Talk and Q & A Session

In the afternoon there was a selection of talks around the subject of consumerism and waste electronics followed up by a Q & A session. One of the key speakers was unable to attend so I was invited to step in at the last minute. I quickly tailored a presentation and delivered a talk about my work and how it relates to the theme of the day.  I also discussed the preparation and rational behind the morning workshops.