– Tom Martin – 16th March 2016 – Museology and Curatorial Studies

Museology and Curatorial Studies


Tom talked us through his studies on his Masters right up to his current practice. He is interested on how objects and objects of art are curated in a gallery space as well as in a museum. He is particularly interested in the Fluxist movement and their mobile boxed galleries. Tom is interested in the relationship between the viewer and the work. He is also interested in colour, vivid pure colours and how they work together.

Some museums that Tom Martin suggested that we go to visit should the opportunity arise:

– Sir John Soane’s Museum London – holds a mass collection of all sorts of antiquities.

– Pitt Rivers Museum – Oxford (in particular the Treatment of Dead enemies Cabinet)

Artists mentioned:

Marcel Duchamp – La Boite-en-valise 1935 – 1941 (Duchamp also coined the phrase mobile)


George Maciunas – Flux Cabinet 1977

George M

Herbert Distel – The Museum of Drawers 1977 (Tiny Gallery Spaces)


Howard Hodgkin (Painter) Tom calls Hodgkin’s choice of colour “Pure and Zingy and Bright”


Victor Vasarely – Planetary Folklore No1 1969


Tom is interested in how people react to his work – he makes pieces that are designed to be interacted with. He mentioned how he sometimes struggles with feelings of preciousness towards his own work and then anxious at allowing others to play with it.

On our desk in front of us was a tiny piece of art by Tom. We were asked to interact with it; Tom took photos when we were finished. We were allowed to keep the art.

I asked Tom if he though about Duchamp’s thoughts on art, “A piece of art is not complete without the views thoughts”? Did he (Tom) feel his work was not a whole without audience interaction or thought? Tom said he did not feel the interaction was necessary for the work only that he is interested in the outcome if they do. He did seem intrigued by the question just the same. This is something that I have been mulling around in my head for a while.

My Interaction with Toms Art



This was a fun and interesting session.