Animation and Augmentation

You can view my three year journey through my BA (Hons) in Fine Art here.

Animal Farm 2016

Zoetrope 2015

This Zoetrope was exhibited at the Cardiff School of Art and Design Degree Show 2015. It was created by Deirdre Bennett to be used as a device that encouraged participation and dialogue between visitors. It takes two to make it work. It is also great fun.

Zoetrope Animation

This is the animation that I created for my very large zoetrope. Exhibited at the Cardiff School of Art and Design Degree Show 2015 . Designed to encourage participation and open dialogue.

Animation (Many of these are also used in augmented reality pieces)

You Reap What You Sow 2015

This animation was one of four presented by artist Deirdre Bennett at the Cardiff School of Art and Design Degree Show 2015. It has a dystopian feel and was conceived from one of the artists dreams.

Loaves and Fishes 2015

This was the second animation from artist Deirdre Bennett that was displayed at the Cardiff School of Art and Design Degree Show. Dystopian by nature it was taken from a dream.

Fertiliser 2015

Animation created from one of my sketches. I used this as my first attempt to create an animation from a drawing. The sounds were designed to make the viewer uneasy.

Light Frustrations 2014

This was a short stop motion animation I created as an attempt persuade the powers that be to fix my studio space lights.

Animation of Time and Process 2014

This is the finished piece of a collaboration between two artists: Lucy Harris (Painting) and Deirdre Bennett (Animation). It is a recording of the process, emotions and time that the artist Lucy Harris put into her piece. Lucy works with many different layers in order to provide a depth to each piece. Often these layers can be lost and other times they can play with your vision giving the painting life and movement.

Seed 2013

Seed 2013

This piece is a commentary on the amount of power mass media have over peoples perceptions of themselves and others. Media’s portrayal of what it deems as the perfect person (usually airbrushed and not in their natural form) plants seeds of self doubt in most people. It is almost impossible to escape from media’s influence especially with the amount of technology that we have to engage with on a daily basis. Hand held devices are dishing out advertisements, large electronic billboards displaying the “perfect woman or man”, flickering TV screens with their brightly coloured and fast pace shows telling our kids that “This is how it is” and if it is not then you must change yourself to fit in and be perfect like them. I feel it is all misleading, shallow and unattainable. It makes me very sad for society.

We need to plant seeds love and respect into peoples hearts.