– Linda Carreiro – Working against type

2015 November 11th –

Linda spoke eloquently about her work. I was particularly interested in the connection between  movement and reading. I had never really thought of this before. My favourite pieces were the reading cones and the woven books “Entwined”, they looked like large and lovely doodles. I particularly enjoyed the fact that one would never be able to read the piece the same twice.

Interesting Artist mentioned: Ian Hamilton Finlay and his poster poem “Le Circus” 1964

“Reading as an action – invites the reader to become the poem”


I also found the point about changing the position of the text competing. By changing even one letter within a piece of text you can cause the reader to pause and even re-read. This can highlight what is being said. (I may use this technique within my own work – The Sound Garden)

Hand print seems to be more personal and somehow read as a narrative (This is also quite interesting)

Where the words are placed also causes the reader to pay attention – example: Carreiro’s text that ran along the bottom of the wall and also the large draping text.

I found this seminar engaging and I will definitely be more conscious of the type of text I use and how and where I use it.