– Dr Fiaz Hussain “From ABC to DXB: Snippets of a personal research journey”

2015 November 18th –

Dr Fiaz shared his academic and career timeline with us to help motivate us in regards to research. He actually said “I would not be here today without research” Quite a bold statement but I guess he would know considering it is his career he was talking about.

His research was about looking at curves and lines from a coders perspective…..sounded a little dull to me. However the more he spoke about his research the more interesting it became. There are more to those little letters that jump across the screen as our fingers dance across the keyboard.

I did come away from this seminar quite motivated and I believe Dr Fiaz had some pretty sound advice.

Some of the points that I took from this seminar:

  • Luck plays a part
  • Aspirations are Important
  • Goals – Set small attainable goals as you go along
  • Contribute to a field
  • Research is a dark tunnel
  • Find People who are interested in what you are interested in.
  • Find what you are interested in
  •  You will be amazed at what has not been discovered (PhD)
  • Look for funding, keep asking
  • Always have a Dictionary and Theasauraus
  • Find a good research manager (Ask around, reputation)
  • Get research methods training
  • Read your subject area (don’t worry if you only understand half of what you read
  • Know your key players (Important for viva)
  • Use good sources (Avoid relying on others mistakes)
  • A good manager will ask difficult questions to prepare you for your viva
  •  Always keep a notepad and pen beside your bed – inspiration often comes when you are resting
  • Write to companies, agencies and other artists for advice – Tell them what you are about
  • Look for research assistant roles
  • Get published (Easier than you might think and could land you a job)
  • Research is about asking more questions just as much as about answering them
  • Always come back to your core
  • Know you subject
  • Research changes you – changes your life

I believe that I will come back to this page again and again for advice. I was also very impressed by how he did not use powerpoint or handouts to help him. Made it seem like he genuinely spoke from his heart.

Thank you Dr Fiaz Hussain.