– Panel Discussion with Prof Clive Cazeaux and Dr Martin Woodward

Opened with the question – Why does one person see different things? This was a very interactive and engaging session.

A lot of what you learn throughout your life could play back into your life at a later stage, sometimes very unexpectedly. If you ask different questions you could ply into a memory bank of a thousand answers throughout time.

Clive spoke about ‘Lenses’ – we all have different lenses that are shaped by our life experiences and our culture. We must be aware of this when reflecting on our work and others. I find the idea of lenses fascinating, it really is a simplification of something quite complex. It makes sense and it is easy to remember that analogy when I consider my own work. Cath Davies also spoke about lenses in an earlier lecture.

We also talked about how to get the best from group discussions. We concluded that active discussions lead to a blurring of boundaries and perspectives. We should always ask questions, as you do not want to be left with people opting to pretend to know if not sure. Being certain of something is not a platform. Embrace the not knowing – there is no right answer. Always look at different view instead of simply trying to answer things – this could apply to my art – don’t try to hard to force work to be complete, maybe allow it to grow.

In small groups we discussed our work so see if we could find a similar question. I worked with Es George and Anna Braizer. We had all worked in a similar area prior to coming back into education. Our question was how do we define what we do now as art if its intent and process are similar to what we did before.

Finally – I like this point – Talking is great but there is a point where you have to stop.