– Visit to the Lake District 12th February 2016


I decided to visit the Lake District and immerse myself in the natural world. I love the Lake District, firstly because it is stunning, around every corner is a vista, secondly because it is remote and there is very little phone coverage. It removes the temptation of checking Facebook or emails etc.

While I was there it gave me the chance to consider why I was so interested in pushing the idea of the outside. Why was the outside so important to me? I was moved by the answer; I had not considered this element before. For me the natural world carries a lot emotional attachment. Something akin to nostalgia but more than nostalgia at the same time. Being in nature and having those questions in mind brought be back to my childhood. I remembered my play was drawn from our technology, books, comics, movies and TV. We would spend hours as children playing outside reenacting seen or read scenarios. It was more than play, for me it was escapism from a difficult childhood. This led me to consider using the images that I took to create animations that could somehow capture these nostalgic moments.

I got to capture some amazing photographs and yet they simply cannot do the place justice: