– Chris Glynn – Looking For The Art Particle – 9th March 2016

Chris Glynn – Looking For The Art Particle

Art Particle

Think of the Venn diagram… then travel under the tunnel (Neutral Space – Drop Weapons)


– Visual Conversations – How do we do that on the radio?
– Get the corners in first (Jigsaw Puzzle)

Sketch Notes –

This seminar was about Chris’s current project about recording conversations through visual cues – illustrations – using Metaphors – Creating Metaphorical Landscapes.

Chris said that it is easier to tell a difficult truth by using metaphors and narrative, which is ironic because you are using fiction to illustrate a perceived truth. Chris used the example of Shakespeare’s Play Hamlet. Hamlets uses theatre to test Claudius his uncle (The new King), to see if he really did kill Hamlets father ‘The old King and Claudius’s brother). Hamlet could not confront Claudius directly as the information had come from the ghost of his dead Father, the old King.

Chris Glynn had been attending conferences and workshops with organisations with the hope of designing a new method to collate what had been said in an easy to remember visual style. Words and sentences are picked out during the meetings and are illustrated by Chris’s team. Through conversations with individuals the Team illustrates their points by using metaphors. It is a way of filtering out all the ‘Stuff’ to get to the core of the meetings.

Chris calls this ‘Visual Scribing’.

I had a bit of a light bulb moment in this session – ‘Give someone a mask and the truth will come out!”

What if I use a mask and narrative to create a piece that reflects my ideas? Present this to my target audience and ask for reflection, feedback and dialogue.

Antimasque – a comic or grotesque performance, as a dance, presented before or between the acts of a masque. Buffoon or Clown.

There are 3 types of masque:

– Judgment

– Spiritual Illumination

– Mad Scientist

Clowns move freely among the audience, they can get up closer and get away with improprieties to a certain extent. It is expected of them. People feel obliged to play along for fear of bad sportsmanship. Power of the Buffoon.

In the later half of the session, we worked on each other’s problems using objects that Chris brought in as metaphors. For example; a rolling pin and cookie cutter was used to ask the question “Does Flat really exist?”.

Chris game me a contact, Chantelle Haughton who works within the university, and whose current research is related to the possible negative affects of too much screen time for children. She believes that it may be affecting children’s peripheral vision in later life. On Chris’s advice I sent Chantelle an email and eagerly awaiting response.


Suggested Book – Walter Benjamin – Task of the Translator