Open Call to League of Legends ‘Gamers’

Artist Call Out to League of Legends Gamers 2016


I am looking for dedicated ‘League of Legends Gamer’ insights for an art project that I am working on.


Your game character dies in a heroic but gruelling battle, however instead of re-spawning into the safety of his/her game environment they find themselves alone in an alien environment…….the ‘Real World’. This environment has boundaries and rules just like the Game World, only if you die here you die for real.

My quest to you Gamers should you accept it, is this:

First – your character will wake up realising that they have lost all their powers (if any)

  • How would your favourite character react?
  • How would they survive in the real world?
  • Would they be able to abide by real world rules?
  • Consider what these rules might be? (Crime is punishable, need money, food and shelter)

Email me with a possible scenario of how it might all go down. Doesn’t have to be longer than a paragraph. I will pick from all the entries and endeavour to re-enact your characters scenario in the real world. It will be almost like you, as Gamers, will be controlling me as your character in the real world.

(Optional) With the Scenario: I am also interested in using some or your recorded in game play as part of the finished video piece. If you are interested, you can include a link to your YouTube videos with instructions on which segment you would like me to use.

Email me at using the following heading:




Links to YouTube in Game Play:

Video Instructions:

The final piece will be displayed as part of my Master of Fine Art final exhibition this September at Cardiff Metropolitan University (Date TBC). All chosen pieces will be accredited.

Looking forward to gaming with you.



MFA Blog:

BA Blog:






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