Juneau Projects – 2001 – Present

Juneau Projects was formed in 2001 by Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler.

A lot of Philip and Ben’s work incorporated participation with others. Similarly to me they are also interested in the rapid growth of technology and its affects on society. Their works incorporate music, installation, sound, sculpture, animation and projection. Their most recent projects have been to create their own musical instruments that look slightly ‘Steam-Punk’ to me. This is probably due to their interest in post apocalyptical scenarios where humanity is reduced to rebuilding society and scavenging and repurposing items in novel ways and that may also have a tradable value.

I AM THE WARRIOR 2014 – Participatory Workshops and Open Exhibition


I really like the participatory element to I AM THE WARRIOR. Philip and Ben say they are interested in what others can bring. How we all have a talent and also how well we can work in collaboration. I feel this comes from their interest in the Post-Apocalyptic scenarios, how when we have nothing left we have to rely on what talents we have.

Happy Redoubt – 2016


Happy Redoubt – the last outpost of a post-apocalyptic world in the wake of a technological meltdown.” 

I love this project! The scene is set – the students and the academics of King’s College London have been involved in a world changing apocalyptical event. There are two camps of survivors who have to learn from each other to survive. They have to create artifacts to trade with the other faction. The projects grows as the participants learn from each other and respond to each other.

Project Saw Waves 2016 – Baltic Wharf, Totnes, Devon

An mp3 track, inspired by the history of the Baltic Wharf area were placed in two areas around Totnes, Devon.The tracks can be listened to and of downloaded from wooden sculptures or “Shrines” as they call them; simply take along your memory stick and download or buy a specially Juneau Projects designed one.

Gleaners of the Infocalypse 2012




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