Brian Griffiths: BILL MURRAY: a story of distance, size and sincerity


Viewing platform from the BALTIC Newcastle

I happened to be in Newcastle on business the weekend of the 27th of February and I had always wanted to see the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. I was not the least bit disappointed other that I could only stay a half hour as it was nearing closing time.

The building is spectacular with wonderful views of Newcastle City. Especially beautiful at night. You can see some of the bridges along the river Tyne and in particular the Gateshead Millennium bridge that opens and closes to let ships in. (It looks like an eye blinking). It is the nearest one in the photo above. You can see the Tyne bridge in the distance beside the Sage opera house on the left.

Brian Griffiths BILL MURRAY BALTIC Level 4

While I was there I only had time for one exhibition. Brian Griffith’s Bill Murray piece. It was playful and nostalgic, especially for me as I am a huge Bill Murray fan. It was fun trying to guess which movie each piece represented. These pieces create a “Metaphorical Adventure”,

Brian Griffiths is playing a lot with scale. This is done to help create comparisons similarly to the multifaceted personality that is Bill Murray.

“Bill Murray is always authentic. He is consistently ‘BILL MURRAY’. His singularity breaks into irreducible ambiguities and contradictions – Bill the global superstar, the guy-next-door, anti-brand brand, irrepressible lothario, dignified clown and droll philosopher. This exhibition takes these and many other characteristics as an approach, turning them into a fantasy caricature and a poetic tableau of scaled down architecture and collections.” –



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