The Shape of Shit to Come – Alan McArthur and Steve Lowe


This was a delightfully entertaining book considering the seriousness of its content.

This is probably my favourite critique of the book:

“A stupendously wide-ranging compendium of what is happening in the world of tech . . . an encyclopedia for the can’t-be-arsed.”  – NEW SCIENTIST

My Thoughts

The book contains a mammoth amount of information that is easy to digest as it is condensed into a fun and easy to read pocket sized book.  It approaches the topics as nervous parents might worry about what the future has in store for their children. A lot of this worry is not wholly unfounded as they discuss further.  Many times throughout you start to become excited about the innovative topics….you start to run with them, get wrapped up in the possibilities they present until you realise that you might be running blind towards a precipice of whence there is no return …….then the light heartedness of the books narration kicks in to tell you it will all be ok. That is until you read the next topic….and it all begins again.

Wonderfully written and fun. A great capture of the fast changing world of science and technology. I think the main question this books asks is “Just because we can, should we?”

My father gave me this book and I have to say it was a good choice as it really does feed into how I feel about technology. I embrace new technology when I can and try to stay abreast of new innovations, however, I do ask that question “Just because we can, should we?”  I see the damage to the planet that comes from our desire for more and more stuff, the latest tech gadgets. I see the issues from the immersive technologies today and the ones tomorrow will bring will be be even more immersive. I worry what will be left of the physical world. It is irresponsible of us to leave it for future generations to fix because at that stage there may be no future to fix.


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