Ways of Seeing – John Berger


This is a fascinating little book. In one of the essays he talks about how reproduction affects art and affects our perception of art. John sees images as a language waiting to be read. How we read them comes from life experience.

Reproduction of art can leave the meaning of art ambiguous.  When art is used with different sounds or alongside other images or video it’s meaning can change. Also if only a selection of a painting or piece of art is viewable then it becomes even more ambiguous.
I perhaps makes me consider how images are being used throughout the media to manipulate people into buying more products and or rallying support. Reality TV comes to mind, recently it was said that the producers of these shows only show a percentage of what happens and choose the percentage that will get more ratings and perhaps control audience votes. It also reminds me of the MEME trend on social media platforms where an image is used with a short piece of text to give the message credence or believability.

If you do not want to read the book (I suggest you do) then you can watch John Berger on youtube. This is part 1 of 4



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