Reenchantment of Art – Suzi Gablik


This wonderfully easy to follow book published in 1991 explores the contemporary art world and how it sits in our capitalist, material based world. Should artists resist this world and find spaces to make/create purer works that are do not conform or become products that exasperate the condition of “capitalism fallout”? Since the “Enlightenment” humankind have been moving forward with technology so fast that we seldom slow down and consider where this journey will eventually end.

Only recently I read an article about how one group of scientists are developing robots that question their orders and even refuse to carry out direction. I find this a worrying trend. It is not that I am a “Luddite”, I love technology and feel it can be used to make our world a better place both for humanity and the planet. 

Robots are being thought to say no…….– By Mary-Ann Russon 26th November 2015 – International Business Times

Suzi also talks about how we have been conditioned to respond with materialism and capitalism at our core. She talks about the losing of the soul and our spirituality.  Someone said to me once that since the Industrial Revolution our school system was redesigned to prepare humans into a workforce. We are now teaching our children to become the tools and cogs in the machine……so are we really benefiting? Who is benefiting from this? As I tumble this thought around in my head I find it very worrying. If the machine was created to make our lives better then why do we not work harder and longer than ever? Why do mothers and fathers have to leave their children in childcare because they both need to work to keep a home? Is this all adding to the destruction of the family unit? No time to share, no time to think, no time for community, no time to love, no time to create, no time to question……and then panic sets in…..are we already living in Dystopia?

Suzi believes  “interaction and connection” especially within the art world could be a cure for a world sickened by “Capitalism Fallout”.  We should be teaching our children to work for humanity rather than the machine.




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