Applying for Grants Workshop


This was a very beneficial workshop as I am hoping to apply for funding for one of my projects. Fantastic advice given and it makes me less nervous about applying in the future.


  • Do your research
  • Talk to people
  • No application is wasted
  • Clear and not overly worded
  • Securing match funding (What do you already have? (Funding from smaller agencies), Volunteers, transport etc.
  • Remember that Grand Agencies have their own agenda
  • The Arts Councils tend to be geared towards who the work is for (Communities, Underdeveloped areas

The last point is very relevant to possible participatory events that I may want to organise.

  • Look at other arts councils application processes as they are not all the same
  • Sometimes it is not worth or relevant to approach arts councils, try crowdfunding, smaller agencies or like minded groups of people/artists (Network)
  • If when finished a project and you are working on your report always explain if a project changed from the original concept – Ideas change when other people feed in.
  • Money is available – don’t believe when people say there is no money in the arts anymore
  • G39 (WARP) offer support for filling out funding applications (Peer to Peer) small fee may apply (£5)

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