Grabbing Opportunities


This session was all about recognising and grabbing opportunities and evaluating the potential blocks and things you already have in your favour. You can see all mine in the crazy mind map on the right.

  • Opportunities are floating it is up to you to grab them.
  • If they are not then it is up to you to make them.

We were given a fantastic list of Artist newsletters and websites to sigh up to.

Good advice – Keep a list of:

  • All the opportunities that you have embraced?
  • Exhibition Visited In Wales
  • Exhibitions beyond
  • How many art mags, journals or books have you read
  • Art Events
  • How many artists have you introduced yourself to
  • How many news letters/ online forums have you signed up to
  • Opportunities Considered
  • Opportunities Created
  • Hours Spent at Skills Training
  • Calls – Open Calls – Exhibitions
  • Hours Volunteered in Art Situations
  • Hours spent in your own studio

Check were are your ‘Gaps’ – Check every month



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