EASTN – European Art Science Technology Network


I attended an Art talk at the M.A.D.E cafe in Roath, Cardiff on the 18th Oct 2015.  I was very excited about attending this session as I am interested in learning more about electronics arts. I have a little bit of experience working with electronics (Really really tiny) such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I want to use it more in my installations.

The exhibition itself was really interesting as there were a lot of interactive pieces on display. My favourite piece was the instrument by Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos. Suspended on cord that came down at just about chest height, a wooden skateboard shaped instrument that could be activated swinging it gently back and forth. You could also generate sounds by striking it with wooden xylophone sticks. It was quite an innovation, possibly a new form of instrument for a new style of music? All the wires and components that of course must be inside it were all cleverly hidden so that the piece just looked like a piece of manufactured wood.

iBeacon – Meta installation to find the sound

I also enjoyed this immersive piece that involved you wearing headphones whilst using an iPad to try and find the hidden sounds within the space. I felt the playfulness of this one was quite a good concept particularly in a world of interactive gaming. I think I would have enjoyed it more had the artist been able to some how make it more interactive so that others could work together to find the sounds.

3d mapped sphere

In the centre of the room was a 3d mapped sphere within a perspex pyramid. It reacted to sound, the mapped images would change and dance across the smooth white of the sphere. It was a little bit Sci Fi and I do love Sci Fi.

There were other interesting pieces in the space that I cannot quite recall all the details for so I won’t mention them incase I discredit their work by possible getting it wrong.

The Talks

Unfortunately I failed to get all the artists names to which I am very disappointed. However, I found these talks very insightful, it is great to get the opportunity to listen to how other artists approach their work. The first talk was by a lady called Annie who’s research was about touching objects that have little or no tangibility in the physical world. Devising machines that can simulate how these ‘object’ could feel in a physical form, using a computer to calculate the force of the items. Examples of such ‘objects’ were force of a spring and fluid. Annie could also create a visual readout of simulated objects reacting to these forces. From this they were able to create computer simulations of how the object could react when an actual physical object came into contact with is ‘Force Feedback Devices”. Followed by how it reacts to sound in another simulation.

I think this was all a precursor to creating reactive multi-sensory  environments such as virtual reality.

Interactive Maypole – Olivia Kotsifa and Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos

As artists in residence for EASTN Artist in Ionian University 2014, Olivia and Alex worked together on an Interactive Maypole. A traditional Greek Folk dance with a modern twist. They ran workshops that involved a local community and its children to fabricate digitally produced blocks for printing, producing the digital sounds and working on the interactive pole so that the sounds could be produced through the dance with the ribbons.

Showing children how to use modern technology whilst also embracing traditional customs is a fantastic model for the future. Allowing for transition with respect for the past and their culture.




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