Gabriele Galimberti – “They Just Want To Play” Project

This project is of particular interest to be as I am currently looking into the affect on children due to their lack of interaction with nature and dependance on smart devices. Having two children myself I am concerned that their disconnection will be detrimental to their development into adulthood.  Gabriele travels around the world to photograph children with their favourite toys. The results are interesting. His conclusions are as follows:

  • Kids are all pretty much the same from around the world
  • Rich kids were more possessive of their toys and reluctant to share *(I find this one particularly interesting…it would seem the more we have the more we seem to distance ourselves from what is really important)
  • Their toys reflected the environment they grew up in: Texan kid loved trucks, as there were a lot of trucks in his area. Beijing kid liked monopoly, as he was interested in building houses and hotels.
  • The Toys mostly represented the hopes and dream of the parents or purchaser.
  • Toys haven’t changed much over the past three decades (With the exception of computer games)

Why am I looking at children and their toys? I am considering using toys to represent children in a future project.

Ragnar Reykjavik IcelandChiwa - Mchinji, Malawi


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