Project Wild Things – David Bond

Project Wild Things – A father that is concerned about his childrens addiction to modern technology decides to try to market a new product that is free to use….”NATURE” (Full movie available to view on Netflix)

This project was particularly relevant to what I am interested in. One of the sounds I miss the most is children playing outside. The streets are empty, the parks are under utilised. The last time I heard parents and children outside playing was last winter when it snowed . Probably the reason why I love the snow. It gets people out playing, both adults and children alike. We had a snow frisbee game last year with family and friends. It was a real joyous event and we all felt fantastic after. There is a free children’s Lido near where I live. The council are considering closing it due to funding cuts. It would be a terrible mistake as it is always full of children playing every summer. For a lot of those children it is the only time they get to experience swimming play and interaction with other children. I feel the finical cost to keep it open is far less then the emotional and physical wellbeing it gives the children and the community. Some costs are never counted…the loss to the community would be terrible. The park is usually pretty empty when the pool closes up for the season.


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